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History of "The City"

Karmnu "il-Fossa" BorgThe City of London was established by an enterprising young man by the name of Karmnu Borg at the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914. His nickname was il-Fossa and he was quite a character in the sleepy fishing village of St . Julian's.

During the early days the tiny bar on the prominent St.Julian's sea front, used to cater mainly for the services that were stationed just up the road at St. Andrew’s barracks. It is a fact that the bar took its name from The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) that used to frequent the bar in the early years.

It was also during these early years that il-Fossa's friends frequented the bar to mix with the soldiers and it is recorded that many a fight took place at the old London bar.

Salvu Karmnu's son, the young Salvu, took over the bar at the end of World War II and continued running the pub until his early nineties although his son Julian was already helping from 1976.

This was the most tranquil period in the history of the pub. The back room was used for gaming and games of poker, gin rummy and Bella-Donna took place. One must not forget the popular Maltese game of MORRA of which Salvu excelled.

Salvu's son Julian soon transferred the old fashioned bar into an English styled pub but made sure to keep the character intact.


JulianHistory Your current   host. - Julian Borg, Took over the management of City of London in 1976 when he returned to Malta from London after a spell with Hilton International as Beverage Supervisor. Julian was also employed with London's Top Club, The White Elephant in Curzon Street in the very heart of Mayfair. His vast experience in the catering and leisure industry makes the running of the City of London a piece of cake

Today, The  City of London has become a landmark (just ask any taxi to take you to "The City") and is now perhaps Malta's most sought after watering hole. Undoubtedly , the oldest bar in Malta is a must to Maltese and visitors alike.

Do not take our word! Come and see for yourself!