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Julian says "ARMS UP" to Malta's Prime Minister

by JOHNC November 08, 2010 07:50

Julian "Paxton" Borg on XarabankLast Friday, our very own Julian Borg appeared on Malta's most popular news and political comment television programme "Xarabank".

Xarabank is enormously popular in Malta - this particular programme was very much in the style of the BBC UK "Question Time" with both the Prime Minister of Malta, Dr. Lawrence Gonzi and the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Joseph Muscat facing questions (and some criticism) from the audience.

Our hero questioned the Prime Minister directly about the sad state of the new ARMS company - whose function is to collect payment for our electricity and water bills - but since it's inception has proved to be very inefficient and prone to making many mistakes .. Prime Minister Gonzi assured Julian it will get better "soon" - but only time will tell!

Dr. Lawrence Gonzi, Prime Minister of Malta

You can see Julian "in action" yourself by visiting who can stream a copy of the entire program directly to your computer. For those that are impatient, Julian and Dr. Gonzi's response appears at 1h:51m:30s  - 1h:55m:35s

So .. could this be a new direction for Julian "Paxman" Borg?