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Nuit du Beaujolais a été fantastique!

by JOHNC November 19, 2010 12:45

This year's Beaujolais Night was a sell-out and enjoyed by everyone!

Pub Landlord, Julian Borg got off to a flying start as he walked into the bar wearing a great Napolean Bonaparte outfit.

Walking with him holding his arm was his lover, Jospehine, beautifully portayed By Katia Saunders. The French Flag bearer was played by Yanus, a refugee from Sudan.

The French National Anthem was played to the applause of the 30-strong seated crowd, patiently waiting for dinner to start.

In a short speech - in rusty French which was quickly switched to Maltese, Julian thanked all his friends for the continuous support given throughout the years - meanwhile Josephine intervened with some naughty remarks which had everyone laughing!.


If you were at the event, PLEASE bring any photographs you may have, so we can add a good selection to our Gallery!